Hi, I'm Ivan

Passionate about web development and constantly exploring new technologies, I thrive on crafting sleek user interfaces.

Mainly doing React, but interested on what the new upcoming JS frameworks and tools have to offer.

over 1 year ago · 6 min read

Trying out the app directory in Next.js

A beginner's guide to exploring the new Next.js app directory and server components I've been...

over 1 year ago · 6 min read

Take your Next js + GraphQL + TypeScript Setup to the next level

Integrating the full range of Next.js features with Apollo Client. This is a continuation of the...

about 2 years ago · 3 min read

The last react form library you will ever need

It’s been a while so I thought I would share a quick guide for my favorite form library, the mighty...

over 2 years ago · 5 min read

Improve the links to your site with Next js

The Goal I always found cool when a site has a link preview when you share the url...

over 2 years ago · 5 min read

Create react components at the speed of light with Plop.js

Use plop.js to make the tedious task of creating new files a breeze

over 2 years ago · 3 min read

Keep your dependencies up to date with Dependabot

When you are maintaining a codebase it becomes hard to keep track and update the dependencies installed in your app. While it's important to keep things up to date, it's also a huge pain. Checking for updates, make sure nothing is breaking, etc. That's where Dependabot comes to help us, it automatically creates pull requests that we can review and test and, if it's all good, merge an update our dependencies.

over 3 years ago · 3 min read

Protecting your API keys with Next JS

Hide your private keys from the browser.

over 3 years ago · 4 min read

React Query 101

A simple intro to react-query

almost 4 years ago · 4 min read

Next js + GraphQL + TypeScript Setup

Simple GraphQL setup for your Next JS app